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Tuesday, 02 May 2017 08:30


KUSKE Standing up against Cyber Bullying

Peter Kuske SAYS NO More CyberbulliesNow they feel strong enough in numbers and power that they can slander and try and tarnish Peter Kuske, no doubt with twisted facts and lies and untruths, as this is how they roll. And so we need to ensure the truth is told. People need to STAND Together to stop them and warn others. Hence the websites Susan made to defend Peter and warn others, who the REAL scum online are, check out;  youtuberats and cyberwarnings.

Think this is all made up?  Check out video testimonial to Peter Kuske and yet another who has had the Youtube Gangs attacks on his Family ........................................................

So determined are they to slander further  Peter Kuske as he stands against them! They even elected to use his name as the web domain to really say "look we are after you". Peter Kuske, Watch out do NOT mess with our Gang. Legal actions are under way, but YOUR Support for Peter Kuske is needed..

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